The thought of needing maternity clothes depresses me still. Perhaps I am still in denial, or that I haven’t felt like a pregnant woman at all yet. Which is why fitting into the jeans I bought 2 weeks before I found out about my pregnancy feels good to me.

Ah.. maybe in a couple of months, when holiday sales start, I’ll buy a couple of items.. like pants.

Knitting a dress for my growing belly

In about a couple of weeks, I’m going to be traveling to Korea to see my family. It’ll be during the weeks 21-22 of my pregnancy.

So far my belly hasn’t really “popped out” yet and all my regular jeans and shirts all fit pretty well. But, I have no idea how I am going to look in a couple of weeks and it’s pretty frustrating to try packing when you don’t know if you’ll still feel comfortable wearing the same clothes.

I AM packing a couple of belly bands and elastic-velcro thing you can attach to my regular pants in case my pants don’t fit anymore during the trip. And, I am knitting on this dress in case I just don’t want anything to do with pants anymore.


The pattern I am using is from Modern Top Down knitting, “Soho dress,” but my gauge is different and I am making a lot of modifications. After I have seen some FO photos on Ravelry, I decided that I didn’t like how the waist was dropped and the hip shaping begins at the end of the waist. That shape just doesn’t work for me. So I am making modifications to fit my body and measurements. AND, the pros is that this will fit me even when I get a little bigger around my belly in few weeks. :)

A long break.. and a big news!

For a couple of months, I took a long break from knitting. It was too hot, and I dealt with some confusing life things during this time–Confusing at first, then things felt more manageable and more exciting as time went by.

We are expecting!

I found out when it was 4th week in, because my body is like a clock-work. I took the home pregnancy test in the middle of the night, and one test was all it took. Two lines! My first reaction was just: “Oh, crap…” The next morning, I told my husband that I might be pregnant. His reaction was even funnier. He just laughed nervously!

For the next 3 days, my days were filled with tears, confusion, depression, and panic. I had been anti-baby for so long, and thought that my life was great as it is. I had been working on getting my life back together after a long battle with anorexia, and coping with my mom’s cancer, determined to get everything done before I turn 30 in November. Something in my head was shouting “MY LIFE IS OVER!” and I cried and cried. I was going to be one of those women who throw up at the table, and get sick all the time for the next 9 months! Not to mention all my past insecurities with body image. Stretch marks? Weight gain? Bloating? And what about ballet? Will I have to quit for a while? Basically a lot of negativity.  :(

Finally on the third day, I went and bought myself a sewing machine that I had been coveting since a year ago: Singer Featherweight 220. I found one on Craigslist, whose owner used to work at Nordstrom as a tailor. Her daughter was downsizing her mom’s collection of Featherweights because that’s all her mom used.

The silly thing is, the sewing machine made me feel like a new person. I loved it, and my mood just instantly got better. I was becoming more hopeful and curious to find out what the baby looked like at that point.

And at each of my doctor’s appointment, I felt better and better, being able to see the baby grow.

What really changed my mood was having NO PREGNANCY symptoms. This is my Week 17 (Month 5), and I had no nausea, no cramps, no swelling, no headache… No pregnancy symptom at all. If I didn’t go to the doctor’s regularly, I wouldn’t even know I’m pregnant. I lost some weight regardless (I blame it on the crazy metabolism), and I only gained a couple of pounds this month, and my belly is still pretty flat. The best of all is that I’m still dancing on pointe. Seriously, NOTHING has changed.

I think this is a strange way for God to show me, “see? it’s not that bad, is it? you were afraid of having babies for so long, and look, it’s really no biggie, you can handle this.”

We’re finding out the gender during the anatomy scan in about 2 weeks. We are definitely excited about that. We even planned a Babymoon trip to Korea to see my parents following the anatomy scan.

So there, expect to see some cute baby knitting in the near future!

FREE pattern for a limited time only! Marty’s Unfortunate Sweater!

As I mentioned few weeks ago, I wrote up the pattern for Marty’s Unfortunate Sweater.

I decided to make the pattern in his size for free until our anniversary, August 21, 2014. After that, it’ll go up to a regular price of 7.00 but with all the other sizes in a finalized pattern. Again, post your progress with the tag, #UnfortunateSweater to win a FREE copy of the finalized pattern!

The sweater is very versatile, and is perfect for “business casual” look over the holidays. Once I give my husband this gift on our anniversary, I promise more photos of the handknit version!

In the meantime, be sure to check out this limited-time-only free pattern here!



Pattern Release: Hearts & Flowers Shawl ~ First Love Collection ~

Hearts & Flowers..

Pattern Page on Ravelry

Last year, I planned a collection of knitwear garments with a theme revolving around The Fifty Shades of Grey. I read the trilogy with curiosity and I had mixed feelings about it. I didn’t do any research before reading, but I instantly felt like it was written like a fan fiction. When I was younger, I spent a lot of time reading fan fiction online based on the K-pop stars. So I was familiar with the type of writing. It didn’t matter what the language it was written in. Fan fiction in general are written more based on nostalgia and admiration for the characters so they just lack structure and other literary charms. But! I have to say, I loved the characters. A

nd the characters were the inspiration for this piece.



The two main characters were both fragile and flawed, but together they became better people. In one scene, Anastasia and Christian are arguing about the kind of relationship they need and despite Christian’s hesitance, Anastasia declares that she needs everything that a normal relationship offers–all the “hearts and flowers.”

I thought this was an important turning point for them, especially Anastasia, since before then, her character was immature, naive, and had very little experience in romantic relationships. To declare what she needs and wants from Christian showed her growth as a person.

Her multi-dimensional character really inspired this shawl, that can be worn in multiple ways, with multiple effects.




DSC05473 - Copy



Name: Hearts & Flowers Shawl
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in “Elderberry” 5 skeins
Needle: US 8 (5.0 mm)
Pattern: Hearts and Flowers Shawl by Jean Chung



Pattern Release and Giveaway! “Movie Night Blanket”

Holla Knits At Home Collection: “Movie Night Blanket” July 2014 and PATTERN GIVEAWAY

Movie Night Blanket

A year ago, I met Allyson at TNNA in Columbus, OH, and that’s when I learned about her online magazine, Holla Knits.

As a designer in the younger end of the age spectrum in the knitting world, I am always intrigued by design forums that allow me to work with my own aesthetics. Then finally, I designed something for Holla Knits this summer.

The newest issue of Holla Knits is the “At Home” collection, and features so many cool ideas for both summertime knitting and home decor. My design is called “Movie Night Blanket” and is a 100% merino blanket.

In our home in sunny Southern California, I have so many blankets, in so many different sizes. And I keep buying or making more. I think many people are mistaken about California weather. Yes it is quite warm 90% of the time here. But since we have the desert weather, this means the difference between lowest and the highest temperature in one day varies a lot. This morning, it was 65 degrees outside; and by 11am, it’s almost 90 degrees. When I go out tonight, I would probably wear shorts and a sleeveless tee, but I better bring a handknit medium weight shawl or a sweatshirt. If you’re anywhere near the ocean or the lake, you definitely need thicker clothing. Last year, my husband and I went to watch a concert at Hollywood Bowl. We got there around 6pm, wearing our usual summer gear. My husband looked at me crazy when I got the Snuggie our of my trunk. Just an hour later, he thanks me and we cuddled under the Snuggie under the stars.

That’s why I always have blankets around: In the car, on the couch, out in the patio. And I always wanted to knit one, well because, I’m a knitter and I love handknit things. But blankets can be quite a daunting project, especially if you’re like me and carry knitting projects everywhere.

And this also brought up an interesting subject. The urban legend that says if you knit for your significant others before you get a ring on your hand, the curse will break up the relationship. So naturally, I found a loop hole and I thought of a knitting project that you can share with your significant others.

This blanket can be used with your significant other when buttoned-up or zipped-up, and then separated into two smaller blankets/shawls so you can give away the half of the blanket. Here is how this design defies the urban legend. This blanket is actually ONE project, and the blanket is knitted in one piece. Then the blanket is steeked (AKA CUT IN HALF!) into two smaller pieces. This is a great way to practice steeking.



Even has a little pocket for your remote!


And here is a photo of the blanket unbuttoned, and turned into a lap blanket:


Movie Night Blanket

Yarn: Knits in Class Merino in “Surf” (Note: This yarn comes in REALLY generous skeins. Here’s Candy next to the yarn cake made from ONE skein, so you can have an idea).


pattern Giveaway!

To celebrate my new pattern release, I will give away a free copy of Movie Night Blanket in the newest edition of Holla Knits.

To win, answer the following questions in the comment:

1) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

2) Where was your best vacation/stay-cation?

Don’t forget to link to your email address or your blog so that I can contact you if you win!

The giveaway will be closed at 11:00 PM PST on 7/11/2014. The pattern giveaway contest has closed.

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