Back from TNNA

I think I can still say that I’m “back from” TNNA although it was just 30 minutes away from my home in Irvine.

Nevertheless, I’m back from TNNA and I had so much fun, I don’t even know where to begin.

I was only at the show on Saturday and Sunday, and just few hours at a time. The fact that I brought my camera AND my smartphone and still didn’t get any pictures of TNNA just shows how overwhelmed and excited I was the entire time.

I met with Anne (aka CraftyDiversions) outside and she showed me around briefly. I hung out with her and her friends, met Pam (aka PamPowers).. And then started walking around the floor.. Met and spoke with Erika Knight, saw Norah Gaughan, met with local AND domestic/international dyers and yarn manufacturers, retailers.. My brain was about to explode with excitement when I saw gorgeous silk rovings and yarn at Vijay Fibers’ booth. I was super excited about meeting and dining with Bonne Marie Burns from Chic Knits.  I made her Basic Pulli before and my version is actually shown on her pattern page!

On Sunday, I finally met Felicia Lo from SweetGeorgia–I took her class and fell in love with spinning. She didn’t have any rovings at the booth but I did see her new colors…

Another bonus was that spinning wheel companies were there too–Louet, Ashford, and Schacht. And I’m so glad I got to see the wheels in person because I’ve been getting enticed with this idea that I wanted a smaller wheel for traveling so I was considering Louet Victoria and Ashford Joy and Schacht Sidekick. They looked SUPER tiny! Especially Victoria. Now that I have a better idea of what they look like in person, I might wait a bit more and actually try some of the wheels before making the decision. Perhaps I should call up that spinning/weaving shop and see if I could rent these for a month or so.  In the meantime, I started a savings account towards a Matchless. =P

Now that I’m back to work and to the normal routine again, I am super inspired. I might need to put out another call for test/sample knitters soon…


4 out of 14 done!

Lingonberry Shawl

I can’t believe this is already the 4th FO in my UFO/WIP pile.

Pattern:  Lingonberry Shawl (Rav Link)
Yarn: Giovanna Imperia Yarns 5 strands “River” and 1 strand “Cocco” held together.
Needle: US Size 3

This was a sample knitting commissioned by Giovanna Imperia Yarns (website). Per request by the company, I chose few free patterns of shawlettes.

First two shawls were done within few weeks. This one however, took MONTHS.

From knitting the second shawl which uses the same line of yarn, but less strands held together and in a different color, I knew that I would have easier time if I held more strands together. The yarn on the cone as is is thinner than cobweb, and kind of “sticky” because of mohair mixed in it. The yarn is very inelastic due to linen and silk. Multiple strands and a little bit of twist gave a bit of elasticity and allowed me to use bigger needles.

Shawl on a white couch

Linen/mohair/wool/silk blend yarn made a very lightweight but summer appropriate shawl. I loved the texture of the fabric after blocking. It was crisp but not rough. It was hairy but not itchy. And the pink. It was divine.



I don’t know if the yarn will be commercially available for knitters.. I’m not sure. I do know that the company goes to tradeshows like TNNA and Stitches. In fact, the first two shawls I made were for the Stitches West earlier this year (2011).

This one will also be at another trade show soon.


4th project done! I am now working on a summer tee that I designed, and Auburn Sweater. Updates soon!

FO::Sugar is Sweet shawl


This is the third project I’ve worked with designer Rose Beck, aka RosyPosy. With my traveling and the yarn almost running out, the sample knitting took longer than expected. The knitting time actually wasn’t that long. I knit mostly on the plane, and few rows everyday while I was traveling. If I just sat down and knit, probably within a week time?

Pattern: Sugar is Sweet (Rav Link)  (Designer’s Blog)

Photos: All of the photos with the model are done by Catrina (Rav ID: CatReading)

Needles: US 3

Yarns: Madelinetosh Pashimina in “Rose” and “Posy.”

The yarn is absolutely pleasant to work with and the pattern is simple enough for it to be more mobile knitting (taking on your commute, etc). But the overall effect of the knit-and-purl pattern repeat at the end and the garter body, as well as clever YO border is very beautiful. I would love to make this again. :)

(closeup before blocking)

FO: Sweater #2 (ChicKnits Basic Pulli)


Sweater #2,  Basic Pulli for Mom

Pattern: Chic Knits Basic Pulli (Rav)

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Aran (3 skeins) and Black (1 skein)

Needles: US 5 and US 2 for ribbing

So, this is Sweater #2 of my November challenge. Wee~! The third sweater, which I finished knitting before I cast on this Chic Knits Basic Pulli, but just started blocking it. It’s a men’s sweater and the thought of wet blocking it scared me…. AHHH~!

So, this is my second sweater. And I really enjoyed knitting it! I didn’t even do the sleeves at the same time, but still they came out perfectly, thanks to the stripes.

November soooo didn’t go as I planned it. 1) National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s convention in LA, and 2) San Jose trip, and 3) Sample Knitting. I wasn’t going to attend the convention but the opportunity presented itself and I took it. I attended as a volunteer and that was the only way I could afford to go; which meant that I didn’t have much time to myself for that week. But I don’t regret it at all of course. I met some amazing people and really enjoyed the seminars/CLEs. And next year, NAPABA’s going to Atlanta! I’m so there.

San Jose trip was planned, but I didn’t expect it to be so…. energy consuming. Lovely road trip, Bagel loved his new bed in the backseat, everything went smoothly. I expected a small dinner with few people turned out to be 12-course banquet at a restaurant. We didn’t even get to say hi to our friends. I barely… BARELY, made it out to Purlescence Yarns.

3 skeins of Cascade Sierra, 4 balls of di.Ve Automne, and 2 balls of 100% cashmere yarn. All came out to be $20. MUHAHA.

Purlescence is famous for their annual Black Friday Pajama Jammie Jam, which starts at 6AM on Friday. People show up in their PJs, coffee and breakfast/snack provided by the store. Of course, I had to miss it because we started driving up on Friday morning, but even on Saturday, the 75% off table was full of gorgeous yarns.

Oh, Black Friday. Evil evil evil for people with specific shopping addiction….

Other than that, I’m busy as usual, with work (yah, real work), and sample knitting (3~4 projects going on right now…). Cannot believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away!


Looks like I’m never gonna wear this until next Summer (sad face!) since the So Cal weather just got a lot cooler after a week-long scorching heat wave. I finished this about 2 weeks ago but have been delaying posting here to see if I can take more pictures outside.


So I had the wonderful opportunity to test knit for designer Maria Leigh. She is known as Amigurumikr on Ravelry, and her blog. I got to know her first as Mari on a Korean knitting forum over at Then realized that she is a designer, whose Picnic Cardigan has been published in Interweave Knits Summer 2o10.


Of course I was super excited when I first saw Drew on her blog, and then when she asked if I would be interested in test knitting the pattern, I jumped at the chance. It took over a month to complete the project, only because I got married in the process, moved into my husband’s place, and had other sample knitting projects with looming deadlines.












YARN: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted 4skeins

NEEDLES: US 7 Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Nickel-plated; US E (3.5mm) crochet hook



The neckline is pretty deep and sexy, it’ll be better if knitted a bit higher for office/everyday wear. I wore this on a 105 degrees day in LA with a cami underneath. I could totally see myself making another one in warmer yarns too.



Mera Shrug & Vintage yarn found at S.A.

*gasp* posting two days in a row?!

This is Mera Shrug I made as a sample knitting project for Anne (aka CraftyDiversions)

I was so so so happy with the shrug. I’m kind of sad that the shrug didn’t finish blocking until Anne and I started shooting for photos. I would’ve totally worn it in my room and take my own pictures. =P

Yarn used here is Bijou Basin Ranch’s Bijou Bliss (50% Cormo, 50% Yak) and it’s… yummy. I mean, I get irritated when people say the yarn is “yummy” because, well, you can’t eat yarn, you don’t know what it taste like right? But, I don’t know how else to describe this yarn. It SMELLS yummy, so I know it’s yummy. =P It drapes, softens, breathes so wonderfully. When you put it on, it’s as if you’re not wearing anything at all, but it’s sooo cozy and warm.

The skill level: All levels; it involves Stockinette stitch, double-sided cable section, basic seamless, top-down raglan construction. Basically, it’s a project you put in minimal effort for the maximum satisfaction.

Now, onto what I found at Salvation Army today.

6 skeins of vintage Lily Daisy crochet thread No. 30 for $1.50. TOTAL. W00t!!!!!!! This is so great. I guess this is the fun part about going through thrift shops. Yes they’re smelly, yes sometimes it’s more of a hassle, but on days like today, you walk out thinking, OMG, I love this store. =)