Two Awesome Knit Tops I’m Going to be Wearing All Summer

Jean Chung Designs:

This was the first time I’m seeing my Austin Tee design knitted by another person. It looks great!

Originally posted on All She Wants To Do Is Knit:

I spent much of my free time during the summer of 2012 knitting the Rocky Coast cardigan. I knitted two of them, one in crunchy Shetland wool (for my sister), and another in a lovely alpaca/wool/silk blend (for me). The trouble was, once I was done knitting them there was nothing for me to do but admire them. I tried wearing my cardigan to work one day late in August, trusting to the office air conditioning to make it bearable. I was determined and I wore that cardigan all day long, even on a trek across campus to an unexpected lunch meeting. I sweltered and suffered, but I persevered. Darn it, I wanted to wear my new cardigan.

This summer, I’ve decided to make summer-friendly knits my top priority. So far, I’ve finished two new tops, and I have my sights set on three more.

Finished Tops

#1  Austin Tee…

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First Part of the Unfortunate Sweater pattern revealed!

Marty’s Unfortunate Sweater Version 1

- Candy & Bagel by Jean Chung-


This is the Part 1 of the free version of this pattern, which will be available only until 08.21.2014. After that, the fully tech-edited version with different yarn and sizes will be available for sale. If you joined the knitalong and posted the progress of the pattern on your blog, instagram, twitter, or Ravelry, you will receive a finalized pattern in September 2014.


Yarn: Colourmart DK Weight 73% Merino Plano, 12% Viscose, 10% Silk, 5% Cashmere, Approximately 500 yds per 150 g cone, in MF Tweed (#09733), 4 cones.


Notions: 5″ zipper, tapestry needle.


Needles: US 4 circulars 32″ or longer; US 5 circulars 32″ or longer


Gauge: 4.75 st per inch in larger needles.


Size: Finished chest circumference 40″


Note about this sweater’s construction:


This sweater construction is my go-to method for garment construction: flat knitting for front and back, and then knitting in the round for the sleeves. It came to be after many in-depth discussions with my husband and my own observations. I like the body to have a good structure, which can be more easily achieved by flat knitting and seaming. But seams on the sleeves can be quite annoying especially if you’re wearing short-sleeve or sleeveless undershirts.




CO 96 sts in the smaller needles.

Next row (RS): (K2, p2) to end. Repeat last row for 3″, ending with WS row.


Switch to larger needle. Work evenly in St st for 14″.


Next row (RS): BO 3, knit to end.

Next row: BO 3, purl to end.

Next row: K 1, k2tog, k to 3 sts before end, ssk, k1.

Next row: Purl.

Repeat the last 2 rows once more. — 86 sts.**


Work evenly in St st until the armhole measures 10″, ending with WS row.


Neck shaping

Next row (RS): K 24, drop the working yarn; with a new cone of yarn, BO the middle 38 sts. Continue k to 8 sts before end, and stop. — 24 sts on each side for shoulders.


Shoulder shaping


From where you stopped, wrap the next st and turn (w & t).

Next row: Purl back to end.

Next row: K 8, w & t.

Next row: Purl back.

Next row: K to end, picking up the wrapped sts.

Next row: BO all sts pwise.



Pick up the working yarn attached, and p to 8 sts before end, w & t.

Next row (RS): Knit to end.

Next row: P 8, w & t.

Next row: Knit to end.

Next row: P to end, picking up the wrapped sts.

Next row: BO all sts kwise.



Work as Back up to **.

Work evenly in St st until the Armhole measures 3.5″, ending with WS row.

Next row: K 43, CO 5 in Backward Loop CO method, K to end. — 91 sts.

Continue working evenly in St st until Armhole measures 8″, ending with WS row.


Next shaping

Next row: K 28, drop working yarn, and with new cone of yarn, BO the middle 30 sts, then k to end — 28 sts on each side. Work both shoulders simultaneously from here.


Next row: Purl.

Next row: (Left) K to 3 sts before end, ssk, k1; (Right) K1, k2tog, k to end.

Repeat the last 2 rows 4 times.


Continue working in St st for both shoulders until the Armholes measure 9.5″ total.


Follow the instructions for shoulder shaping from the Back.


Seam the shoulders and sides.



Coming Soon!









Colette Patterns “Lily” dress


Introducing.. Colette Patterns Lily dress!

This took just ONE day to make it. I loved the pattern and I”m glad I decided to do contrasting side panels instead of contrasting flaps.


Fabric: (solid) light gray cotton/poly poplin, 1.5yds; (print) cotton quilting fabric “Asian” print, 1.5 yds

Last Saturday, I made a trip out to downtown LA and did a little fabric shopping in the Fashion District. One of my usual stops is of course, Michael Levine store. I came to know the store because they also carry a decent selection of yarns. But since I started sewing, this has been one of the first stops I make in Fashion District. Yes, the fabrics here aren’t as cheap as other places but they have really good selection and they’re all labeled, priced, and organized. And there are cutters everywhere. you pay a little premium for the service. If you know exactly what you need, try exploring other places but if you’re looking to be inspired or you’re in a hurry, go here!





as always, Colette Patterns offer really great instructions and clever way of sewing things. I loved the flap detail on this dress. It’s a small bit of retro in a otherwise very functional dress. I can definitely see myself wear this to work on Casual Fridays with a cardigan or to someone’s wedding (OMG I think all my friends decided to get married or engaged this year! Happy for them, but I need outfits!)




I just wanted to see who would be interested in doing something like this.

So here’s my story: when we first adopted Bagel from Taiwan, he was just about 1 year old, and was making a lot of trouble at home with his chewing behavior. He chewed through Marty’s Havaianas, his own collar which was handmade jewelry from his foster mom, a PS3 controller, etc. One day I went to check on him because he was being really quiet, and I knew that he was up to no good! 

He was in his crate; but I also found Marty’s favorite sweater inside the crate. At first I thought, aw how cute, he wanted to smell his daddy~! Then when I lifted it up to fold it up, I saw a huge hole.




The left shoulder was completely eaten. 100% wool fiber, inside Bagel’s stomach. 




And apparently a part of the zipper too.


I can’t tell what brand it is, because the tag was irritating and Marty had cut it out before. But I can tell that it’s a decent quality wool yarn. Other tags like washing instructions are all written in English only, and the hand of the fabric is soft. Not soft like Merino, but definitely not harsh. 






And guess what this knitter had said, to the disappointed then-boyfriend?


Fast forward almost 5 years. We had gotten married, and I finally found the yarn that looked similar to the original yarn. 

Still haven’t started it.

August 20 is our official 4th wedding anniversary. And I decided to finally sit down and write up the pattern. Sure, I could have made this a secret project, but I needed something to keep me on track, so I don’t finish it on our 10th anniversary or anything! (And trust me, I do have few 5+ year-old project somewhere in the house).


So I wrote the pattern and cast on but thought that I would make the pattern as a free pattern only until the day after our wedding anniversary, August 21, and share the pattern with people who are interested in men’s sweater pattern. This pattern involves a little bit of steeking and installing a zipper. I’m also thinking about attaching elbow patches, and give an option for a vest for those of you who would rather not knit the sleeves. (WHO DOES?). If steeking scares you, even with my instruction, I think I might include another option for the neckline.


ANOTHER OPTION: If you actually have another pattern design in mind for your significant other, male or female, you can still join our KAL! I will still send you the finalized pattern through Ravelry if you post it on your blog or Instagram and tag me (@candyandbagel on Instagram)


What’s in it for you? Again, the pattern, or rather a draft of the pattern, will be available for free only until August 21, 2014. After that date, it will be temporarily unavailable, and then will be for sale. And for people who complete the sweater with me by August 31, 2014, I will send you a copy of a complete, tech-edited, finalized pattern (value of $7).

And I will randomly pick 3 of you, and send each of you a small gift from my Candy & Bagel shop. This could be handdyed roving, handspun yarn, handmade items, or cute notions!


 IF you’re interested, either… 1) comment below this post; or 2) PM me on Ravelry (ID: JeanChungDesigns); or 3) Tweet me at candybagel or 4) email me at jean (at) jdknitter (dot) com by May 30, 2014.








The yarn I chose was Colourmart DK weight cashmere/silk/viscose/merino blend yarn in MF Tweed colorway. Colourmart is great but I remember shipping was very slow via Royal Mail. I think for the finalized version of the pattern, I will have to test with more US-market friendly yarn. 


IF you’re interested, either… 1) comment below this post; or 2) PM me on Ravelry (ID: JeanChungDesigns); or 3) Tweet me at candybagel or 4) email me at jean (at) jdknitter (dot) com by May 30, 2014.

Good night!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Even though both my husband and my parents live overseas, and don’t get to share many holidays with us, we will be celebrating in spirit. And what about all our friends who are new mommies or mommies-to-be! Happy Mother’s Day!

On my recent trip to TNNA, I picked up a new potential hobby. Every time I come back from TNNA, it seems like I get a new hobby, yah?

Cross stitch and Embroidery!

My friends at Red Letter Day Stitches are celebrating with a discount on the Mother’s Day pattern! They have a stitches guide for free download if you’re a first timer like me! I actually want to do this on a skirt I sew a couple of years ago. Also if you LIKE their Facebook Page, you can get a code to download a beginner-friendly pattern for free! 

And then another ingenious product I picked up at TNNA is an accessory kit from Red Gate Stitchery. Tell me these are not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Cross stitch on bamboo pendants! And leather bracelets!


It even had the tapestry needle in the kit so I could’ve just done everything on my way home FROM TNNA. :D

It has 3 patterns to choose from within the kit and has enough embroidery floss to do any of the patterns. The bamboo part is laser cut so it looks clean, and looks so cool when you’re done. I didn’t get this leather one yet, but I know Marty would wear this in a heartbeat if I ever made it. 

I love it when the new generation of crafters bring in new materials and make cooler, marketable products like this! This will make such good gifts too, just as is. 


Selling my Kiwi! (sad!)

I’ve been dreading this for at least 6 months now. 

I got a really good deal on a Schacht Ladybug in January and I took the plunge. I love the wheel, but this meant that I had to think about keeping two wheels. I really wanted to! But I live in a small townhouse, and my “design studio” (aka guest room) and living room is now full of yarns and fabrics, I just can’t justify having 2 wheels at this point of my life.

So! With a heavy heart, here is my beloved Kiwi. I never named it. I guess it makes it easier.




I bought the wheel around May 2012, and loved it ever since. I cleaned it regularly with wood conditioner, and it works beautifully. I bought it unfinished, stained and finished all the parts, and everything works. I almost exclusively used the hi-speed whorl on mine but I have both regular and hi-speed whorls in here.

-Ashford Kiwi Wheel ORIGINAL (so the cutie Kiwi bird is engraved on the right treadle) 
-Standard Whorl & Flyer & Drive band 
-5 Standard Bobbins (3 finished; 2 unfinished) 
-High Speed Adapter Kit (whorl & drive band) 
-Lazy Kate (free standing fits 2 bobbins) 
-Price: $350 + shipping within U.S. If you’re in Southern California area, we can meet up and save on shipping.

5/9 lunch recipe


My lunch recipe takes like 5 min to prep and cook in the morning.

- kale
– cashew
– 1/4 block of tofu

That’s it. I stirfry everything with very little oil and mostly water, then use balsamic vinegar for a but of taste. 

Yum! Happy Friday!