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MId-Summer Sale: Tropical & Embrace Me

Mid-summer sale on my two warm-weather designs: Tropical tee and Embrace Me Shawl!


Tropical Tee

Buy Tropical pattern Here


Embrace Me shawl

Buy Embrace Me pattern Here

Click the images to get to the Ravelry pattern pages. No coupon code needed, $1 will automatically be deducted from each pattern.

Don’t make fun of skinny people.


I occasionally check on Ravelry pages of my own designs to see if it’s being talked about in a forum, and see if I can help with anyone who has questions about my patterns. Then in a forum that was talking about the last Spring issue of Knitscene in which my Lost Garden tee was featured, I came across these hurtful comments.

Nobody in their right mind would openly make fun of obese or fat people on a public forum like Ravelry. Then what makes it more acceptable to make fun of skinny people?

What is “TOO THIN?”

If the model were to see this comment, will she be hurt? OF COURSE.

I didn’t make any comments on that forum, since it’ll not only be off-topic, but also be waste of my time. I can almost see the comback — “but she’s wayyy to skinny; the media promotes skinny people like that when they are actually sick.” or “Real women have curves!” or “she probably has an eating disorder.”

Well you know what?

Real women come in all shapes and sizes; skinny people are included. Some women just don’t have curves.

There’s a higher chance of her NOT having any eating disorder than having one. Just because someone is concerned about how she looks, doesn’t mean she’s mentally ill. I don’t immediately go thinking, “omg, fat people must be lazy,” what makes people feel it’s more acceptable to say that about skinny people?

Knitting magazines hardly represent “the media” the society is concerned about when discussing extremely skinny models. In fact, I see more variety of sizes in knitting magazines than others. I simply cannot understand people who think it’s okay to make fun of people for the way they are–looks, intellect, etc. These people are cyber-bullies, and it makes me sad that while we focus on cyber bullying at school and for kids, not enough people talk about adult bullies and how their behaviors probably cultivates bullying behaviors in children.

Look what I got!!


Last month, the Kiwi group on Ravelry organized a fiber swap! This is what I got! I love the cute crochet amigurumi, and the smart little gauge ruler. And the fiber! Looks super yummy! It’s blue faced leiscester, 3.5oz. I can’t wait to spin it into socks. :)



A couple of years ago, a friend and a member of our Korean knitting group went back to Seoul. Because she didn’t want to bring too much stuff back to Korea, she gave away most of her stash and her beautifully made clothing (she’s a fashion designer). And, she gave me this small ball of lace yarn saying that she salvaged it from her old project and didn’t know what to do with it.. She said, “I don’t know what you can do with it, but if you want it, take it!” and i said YAH!

I never say no to free yarn. Or free fabric. :P



I made this cute little bone thing for Candy.

And look how much she loves it!

DSC02106 DSC02111

:) It’s a perfect size for her small mouth. So cute.

This is why I never say no to free yarn. :)