FO: Seamless Hybrid!





Continuing the Christmas tradition, on the Christmas Eve, I woke up and went grocery shopping. This year, with Bagel and Marty. :) It’s our first Christmas together as a married couple and Marty never really had family Christmas traditions as his family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas.


So, I told him that I’d bake and cook for this Christmas. Which is a fascinating thing in our household because I never do that. Cooking and baking. Marty cooks, I clean. We have our roles, you know.


But I did it. I baked chocolate chip cookies right away. It was a bit hard to do everything without my usual equipment and Marty’s hand-held blender with whisk extension was really difficult to use. But it was all worth it. Ahhh nothing beats homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Then, chayotes go in boiling water.


About 2 years ago, a friend of mine invited me over and cooked chayotes. it was sooo good. And I tried to recreate the dish and put it in the pasta.

1. Boil chayotes, whole.

2. Cook sauce – tomato, tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, basil, Parmesan cheese,

3. When chayotes are fully cooked, pull them out and slice. While cooling, make egg white batter.

4. Fry the chayotes, covered in batter.

5. Dump everything in the sauce and cook 3 minutes. Serve with pasta.



So that was our Christmas eve, and today we went to Christmas Mass together for the first time. :)


In the spirit of Christmas, this is my last of my Christmas FO.


Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Seamless Hybrid Pullover

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of Andes in Chocolate

I followed Brooklyn Tweed’s turned hem and other notes. I loved knitting this, but not finishing it. There were soooo many ends to weave in. WOA is very soft, but not ideal for sweaters: 1) There are knots and weird twisted bits; 2) because each ball is 50g, I had at LEAST 20 ends to weave in, and then more because of the turned hem. And then, it took me 3 days to dry the whole thing after wet-blocking it.





FO: Sweater #2 (ChicKnits Basic Pulli)


Sweater #2,  Basic Pulli for Mom

Pattern: Chic Knits Basic Pulli (Rav)

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Aran (3 skeins) and Black (1 skein)

Needles: US 5 and US 2 for ribbing

So, this is Sweater #2 of my November challenge. Wee~! The third sweater, which I finished knitting before I cast on this Chic Knits Basic Pulli, but just started blocking it. It’s a men’s sweater and the thought of wet blocking it scared me…. AHHH~!

So, this is my second sweater. And I really enjoyed knitting it! I didn’t even do the sleeves at the same time, but still they came out perfectly, thanks to the stripes.

November soooo didn’t go as I planned it. 1) National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s convention in LA, and 2) San Jose trip, and 3) Sample Knitting. I wasn’t going to attend the convention but the opportunity presented itself and I took it. I attended as a volunteer and that was the only way I could afford to go; which meant that I didn’t have much time to myself for that week. But I don’t regret it at all of course. I met some amazing people and really enjoyed the seminars/CLEs. And next year, NAPABA’s going to Atlanta! I’m so there.

San Jose trip was planned, but I didn’t expect it to be so…. energy consuming. Lovely road trip, Bagel loved his new bed in the backseat, everything went smoothly. I expected a small dinner with few people turned out to be 12-course banquet at a restaurant. We didn’t even get to say hi to our friends. I barely… BARELY, made it out to Purlescence Yarns.

3 skeins of Cascade Sierra, 4 balls of di.Ve Automne, and 2 balls of 100% cashmere yarn. All came out to be $20. MUHAHA.

Purlescence is famous for their annual Black Friday Pajama Jammie Jam, which starts at 6AM on Friday. People show up in their PJs, coffee and breakfast/snack provided by the store. Of course, I had to miss it because we started driving up on Friday morning, but even on Saturday, the 75% off table was full of gorgeous yarns.

Oh, Black Friday. Evil evil evil for people with specific shopping addiction….

Other than that, I’m busy as usual, with work (yah, real work), and sample knitting (3~4 projects going on right now…). Cannot believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away!

FO: Turbulence Pullover (a.k.a Sweater #1)


Name: Turbulence U-Neck Pullover (see Ravelry)

Yarn: Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted (Impasse Yellow)



Needles:  US 1 & 3


So, when NaKniSweMo began on 11/1, I cast on for this pullover in Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan. The pattern calls for US 6 but when I swatched I had to keep going down needle sizes until I knit with US 3. Ribbing section was done on US 1.


Modifications: This is why I love Ravelry. Plenty of FO pictures to peek and decide what you want to make for yourself. After looking at all the FO pictures, I decided that the sweater was shorter on the body than I usually liked. I have no waistline; cropped anything makes me look short and chunky. So, I decided to go for 17″ torso.

I briefly thought about re-writing the pattern for in-the round but I don’t know why, I just started knitting in flat. Boy, did I regret doing this pullover in pieces?!?!?!?!



I had a thousand and fifteen ends to weave in and sew. After completing the back and front, I spent a whole day just on seaming. And doing that made me realize how much I hate seaming. And how much I should do the sleeves in the round. So after front and back pattern, I completely ditched the pattern and went with set-in sleeves in the round, top down. I also changed the length of the sleeves and to make sure the two sleeves were exactly the same length, I knitted them two at the time on two pairs of  long US 3 circular needles.


Comment on the yarn: I have a feeling I’ll go back to this yarn in the future. It’s soft, spring-y, the colors are awesome. I bought 4 skeins of this yarn in dyelot 020 at Newton’s Yarn Country parking lot sale ($2.50 per skein or something like that!). I though 4 skeins of this yarn with generous yardage would make a sweater, but with all the seaming and mods, I ran out in the middle of my sleeves–literally, I ran out of yarn when I reached my elbow area. So I took a sample of my yarn and ran to my LYS (Local Yarn Shop). Suzoo’s Wool Works in Costa Mesa is my favorite LYS. It’s close to my law school so I used to drop by every now and then after school. It’s still my favorite yarn shop because of their superior yarn selection and reasonable price range. The owner now is the daughter of the former owner I believe and she is so nice. Not pushy, not chatty, but helpful. And thoroughly passionate about fiber.

Suzoo’s Wool Works (website)
711 W. 17th St Suite F9
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

And so I went and saw the yarn, dyelot 037. Totally different dyelot but the colors matched completely. AH! I felt SOOO lucky. I left the shop with 5th ball of yarn, a ball of fingering weight yarn, and some fiber roving to practice spinning with. *Happy Jean Dance*

So I was able to finish the sweater, and, of course I waited few more days until I sucked it up and weaved in all the ends. So I give…. TURBULENCE!






It is extremely warm and soft. The yarn wasn’t great for seaming because it wore out so fast, so I guess the next time I knit a sweater with this yarn, I have more the reason to knit in the round. And I WILL knit with this yarn again because I tried this on today on bare skin and it didn’t itch! It’s 100% wool, that doesn’t itch!


So the sweater #1 is finished, out of 6. #2 is 50% done already, and it’s a sweater for my dad. Updates coming soon!


Torrance Fiber Festival & an Update

Nov 7!
In fact, I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week. My hubby was so sweet to get me an early bday present this year. And made this week so full of surprises!


A KINDLE!!!!!!

I’ve been saving up for this slowly but hubby beat me to it. It’s all so lovely.

I uploaded all my ebooks there and started reading! It’s actually taking away my knitting time! =D

It’s Free Wifi + 3G one so I can get online anytime! I’m in love with this. OMG.


2. Sumi Jo’s Concert

so sure, this wasn’t a surprise. When I saw the poster for Sumi Jo’s concert few days ago, I shrieked and told hubby that I MUST GO! I grew up listening to Sumi Jo, my parents always took my sister and me to her concert every time she was in Korea. I had to share this with my hubby! I booked the cheapest tickets and got the seats behind the orchestra (chorale terrace?). I loved watching the orchestra up so close, it brought back wonderful memories of my days in the youth orchestra. And, Sumi Jo was, as I always remember, the pure perfection.

Here’s the surprise part: Hubby actually enjoyed it! He’s never really been to that many classical concerts but he kept asking questions and read the program from cover to cover. And yesterday he started listening to the classical music radio station!

I was sooo glad he enjoyed it as much as I did. =)


3.  Surprise Party

I’ve never had a surprise party for myself! Thank you hubby for organizing this, AND friends who came to celebrate at Plush Karaoke! LOVED it! The songs, the Apple Beer (more like Appletini Juice), and the cake! YUMMO.


4. The Fiber Festival


Yes, it’s all a part of my birthday. This year’s Torrance Fiber Festival decided to fall on my Birthday. Yay!


Like last year, there were soooo many booths with gorgeous yarns and rovings and stitch markers, and other accessories. I stopped at this indie dyer’s booth called RedFish Dye Works. They literally had silk yarns dyed in all the colors of the spectrum. I couldn’t leave the place without buying anything. So, I got 2 hanks of 100% silk yarn in 20/2 lace weight:

Purple one is colorway P3d; charcoal BGb14d ($14.50 per 50g; 450yd)


Then a bit later, I stumbled upon a booth that was going out of business. They even had their fixtures on sale. I scored 4 cakes of yarn in lace weight (I’m addicted to making shawls!) in earth color.

$3.50 per cake! $14 total.



As for the Holiday Challenge…. I’m like 2 days behind now. No biggie, but still have to make some changes to my initial plan…

New Schedule:

EZ’s seamless hybrid sweater

11/7~10 Body

11/11~12 Sleeves

11/13 Saddle

11/14 Finish. Swatch for Mom’s sweater

ChicKnits Basic Pulli

11/15~16 Body

11/17 Sleeves

11/18 Finish; Swatch for Sister’s sweater vest

Laretto Vest

11/19~21 Body

11/22 Finish; Swatch for Chanel’s sweater

11/23~25 Chanellette (During road trip to San Jose)

11/26~12/1 Neighborly

12/1 Swatch for Marty’s Men’s Cable Cardigan; Start Button Tunic

12/2~12/4 Button Tunic

12/5~12/8 Marty’s cardigan body

12/8~10 Sleeves

12/12 Finish

12/12~13 Fingerless mitts

12/14~15 Fingerless mitts

12/16~18 Destroyed Cowl

12/19~12/23 Shawl

So far, I’m on schedule! =D At this rate, I should be done with this sweater on time or a day early.

[HolidayKnitting] Schedule & Update

So, VivianaC asked me to post my schedule (btw, she’s doing the same challenge on her blog!) Here it is:

Turbulence U-Neck Sweater

11/1 Back side

11/2 Back; start Front

11/3 Front

11/4 Sleeves

11/5 Finish; swatch for Dad’s sweater

EZ’s seamless hybrid sweater

11/6~8 Body

11/9~10 Sleeves

11/11 Saddle

11/12 Finish. Swatch for Mom’s sweater

ChicKnits Basic Pulli

11/13~14 Body

11/15 Sleeves

11/16 Finish; Swatch for Sister’s sweater vest

Laretto Vest

11/17~19 Body

11/20 Finish; Swatch for Chanel’s sweater

11/21~24 Chanellette (During road trip to San Jose)

11/25~12/1 Neighborly

12/1 Swatch for Marty’s Men’s Cable Cardigan; Start Button Tunic

12/2~12/4 Button Tunic

12/5~12/8 Marty’s cardigan body

12/8~10 Sleeves

12/12 FFinish

12/12~13 Fingerless mitts

12/14~15 Fingerless mitts

12/16~18 Destroyed Cowl

12/19~12/23 Shawl

So far, I’m on schedule! =D At this rate, I should be done with this sweater on time or a day early.

Holiday Knitting Challenge

Goal: 6 sweaters in November, 2 sweaters and 4 smaller items in December.

Today is November 1, beginning of NaKniSweMo. Instead of completing 1 sweater this month, I’m going to finish SIX. 4 ADULT size sweaters and 2 kids (7-yr-olds) sweaters.

Is that crazy? I even wrote out the schedule for each day and frankly, it’s scary.

We’ll see how it goes. Who else is doing crazy holiday knitting?