NEW: Snowflake Shawl



Snowflake ShawlDSC04645

As promised yesterday, I just released this new shawl/cape pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy.


Last year, I really wanted to design a cool cape design that still embodies the inspiration I got from Downton Abbey. Plus, California was uncharacteristically cold and wet; perhaps I was up earlier than most people going to work at 3 am.

I sketched and drafted this pattern on the metrolink, while commuting to work. I knitted a prototype/test sample in aran weight yarn but was not happy with the yarn choice or the finished product. I knew I wanted the general design to be still feminine and romantic but wanted the fabric to be slightly more dense and heavier.

Up close and personal:


C’mon. I know that you have this yarn somewhere in your stash!

It’s none other than Bernat Natural Alpaca Blend in Natural. I know, an acrylic blend? I knew that if I wore this outside, I would get it dirty somehow. I also wanted it to be easily washed in the washing machine. Then I added a laceweight mohair/acrylic blend yarn from Universal Yarns, and held the two yarns together for this marled effect.

DSC04650DSC04653 DSC04652DSC04654

I also re-did the collar 3 times in the first prototype to get it right. At first, I wanted it to be asymmetric and with a button closure. It didn’t fit right.

So I frogged and did it in 1×1 rib but it didn’t look right either. It was kind of soft and drapey, which didn’t look right with the look I was going for in my head.

I made the collar in double thickness, so that it will stand right and hold the overall heavy/dense look.

Now, I didn’t really know what to call this. I had a choice between a CAPE and a Shawl, and went with a Shawl since I wanted it to be something you just grab and throw on for a quick walk with your doggies or a lunch date. SHAWL with a COLLAR. =)

So there you go people. I published this pattern on Ravelry as well as Craftsy.


Craftsy, take me to Snowflake Shawl page.


Ravelry, take me to Snowflake Shawl page.

Sewing Sunday: Colette “Clover” pants

Colette “Clover” pants by Jean Chung

Colette “Clover” pants by Jean Chung



Fabric: Stretch Crepe fabric (97% Wool 3% Spandex) By B. Black & Sons; purchased from M&L Fabrics in Anaheim, CA

Pattern: Colette Patterns “Clover”

Others: Necklace – David Aubrey Jewelry; Top – Mystree; Shoes – Nine West


Like many other sewists/tailors, I am a fan of Colette Patterns. I made Marty’s Maui Shirt based on their only men’s pattern, Negroni, and I have other dress patterns as well as The Colette Sewing Handbook. Love the designs! In preparation for the designer and CEO behind Colette Patterns, Sarai Mitnick visiting LA next Friday, I decided to make this pair as well as a Macaron dress.

Colette Patterns coming to LA

I am almost done with the Macaron Dress and will be blogging about it soon! But in the meantime, these pants were really quick. I mean, I cut and sewed through 80% of the pants in one night. I always trace my patterns and then cut really slowly so this means alot. Usually cutting alone takes all of Day 1 for me (I don’t sew full time so this usually means 2~4 hours I have in the evenings).

Then Day 2 was a disaster. I took out the invisible zipper I bought from M&L Fabrics, and noticed that the staple was actually IN the zipper teeth. I didn’t think much of it and just took it out carefully. Then I used my invisible zipper foot for the first time (I usually use a regular zipper foot and just go slow), but it ended up making me sew through the teeth. I had to pick out the thread really carefully since it was black thread against black crepe fabric AND a black zipper and I couldn’t see well. I read someone else’s blog about how she loves to sew with crepe fabric because the thread just melts into the fabric, so nice, etc etc. Well, yah that was exactly the problem. The fabric was ultra nice but it was totally impossible to pick the thread.

It’s okay, I’m a patient person, EXCEPT this happened 4 times.

GRRR. And then, I finally succeeded working with the invisible zipper foot and made sure the thread didn’t get into the teeth. I turned it inside out and tried to zip it up, YOU KNOW, SO I KNOW I PUT IT IN RIGHT AND STUFF?!?!??!?!?!

Well, the zipper pull just came RIGHT out of the zipper. HEAD TO DESK. Three times.

At this point, I hated my zipper and the invisible zipper foot. Both went straight to the trash can.

Instead I grabbed a YELLOW regular zipper from my stash and sewed it into the pants, with a regular zipper foot. There. Who cares about the zipper showing. It’s yellow and cute.

Will I wear them again? YES YES and YES! These fit perfectly. Don’t hate me but I didn’t make a full muslin (I made ONE leg with some flannel with stable stretch to see how it’ll drape and fit around my thighs) and I didn’t make ANY adjustments because I liked the muslin as is. The wool crepe is definitely one of the nicest fabric I’ve ever worked with so that helps and I am  short so the length was perfect and not awkward. I love many of Colette Patterns designs but the pants length in the sample photos looked a bit awkward for me.

Will I make them again? This one is also YES YES YES! I bought enough lightweight corduroy fabric enough for two pairs already. :)


Knitting Meeting


Like any other hobbies, knitting is more fun when you share.

I think that’s why each knitting groups I attend feels special to me.

Especially, this one. We only have time to meet once a month because we live all over LA and OC areas, we don’t have any regular meeting time, it always depends on each month.

It’s our Korean knitting group. We met online over at Naver cafe (EnjoyKnit). Our meetings are usually filled with laughter, good food, and a lot of knitting stuff.


There are so many groups that end up falling apart because of selfishness, arrogance, or jealousy. But this group, we’ve been together for a year and a half now, we’ve grown from 4-member group to 8~10 member group. We all come from different places, different time of our lives, but we all come to this group and share our passion of knitting.



And~ as usual, I got home and passed out for an hour because of all the laughing and talking wore me out. =)

Torrance Fiber Festival & an Update

Nov 7!
In fact, I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week. My hubby was so sweet to get me an early bday present this year. And made this week so full of surprises!


A KINDLE!!!!!!

I’ve been saving up for this slowly but hubby beat me to it. It’s all so lovely.

I uploaded all my ebooks there and started reading! It’s actually taking away my knitting time! =D

It’s Free Wifi + 3G one so I can get online anytime! I’m in love with this. OMG.


2. Sumi Jo’s Concert

so sure, this wasn’t a surprise. When I saw the poster for Sumi Jo’s concert few days ago, I shrieked and told hubby that I MUST GO! I grew up listening to Sumi Jo, my parents always took my sister and me to her concert every time she was in Korea. I had to share this with my hubby! I booked the cheapest tickets and got the seats behind the orchestra (chorale terrace?). I loved watching the orchestra up so close, it brought back wonderful memories of my days in the youth orchestra. And, Sumi Jo was, as I always remember, the pure perfection.

Here’s the surprise part: Hubby actually enjoyed it! He’s never really been to that many classical concerts but he kept asking questions and read the program from cover to cover. And yesterday he started listening to the classical music radio station!

I was sooo glad he enjoyed it as much as I did. =)


3.  Surprise Party

I’ve never had a surprise party for myself! Thank you hubby for organizing this, AND friends who came to celebrate at Plush Karaoke! LOVED it! The songs, the Apple Beer (more like Appletini Juice), and the cake! YUMMO.


4. The Fiber Festival


Yes, it’s all a part of my birthday. This year’s Torrance Fiber Festival decided to fall on my Birthday. Yay!


Like last year, there were soooo many booths with gorgeous yarns and rovings and stitch markers, and other accessories. I stopped at this indie dyer’s booth called RedFish Dye Works. They literally had silk yarns dyed in all the colors of the spectrum. I couldn’t leave the place without buying anything. So, I got 2 hanks of 100% silk yarn in 20/2 lace weight:

Purple one is colorway P3d; charcoal BGb14d ($14.50 per 50g; 450yd)


Then a bit later, I stumbled upon a booth that was going out of business. They even had their fixtures on sale. I scored 4 cakes of yarn in lace weight (I’m addicted to making shawls!) in earth color.

$3.50 per cake! $14 total.



As for the Holiday Challenge…. I’m like 2 days behind now. No biggie, but still have to make some changes to my initial plan…

New Schedule:

EZ’s seamless hybrid sweater

11/7~10 Body

11/11~12 Sleeves

11/13 Saddle

11/14 Finish. Swatch for Mom’s sweater

ChicKnits Basic Pulli

11/15~16 Body

11/17 Sleeves

11/18 Finish; Swatch for Sister’s sweater vest

Laretto Vest

11/19~21 Body

11/22 Finish; Swatch for Chanel’s sweater

11/23~25 Chanellette (During road trip to San Jose)

11/26~12/1 Neighborly

12/1 Swatch for Marty’s Men’s Cable Cardigan; Start Button Tunic

12/2~12/4 Button Tunic

12/5~12/8 Marty’s cardigan body

12/8~10 Sleeves

12/12 Finish

12/12~13 Fingerless mitts

12/14~15 Fingerless mitts

12/16~18 Destroyed Cowl

12/19~12/23 Shawl

So far, I’m on schedule! =D At this rate, I should be done with this sweater on time or a day early.


Looks like I’m never gonna wear this until next Summer (sad face!) since the So Cal weather just got a lot cooler after a week-long scorching heat wave. I finished this about 2 weeks ago but have been delaying posting here to see if I can take more pictures outside.


So I had the wonderful opportunity to test knit for designer Maria Leigh. She is known as Amigurumikr on Ravelry, and her blog. I got to know her first as Mari on a Korean knitting forum over at Then realized that she is a designer, whose Picnic Cardigan has been published in Interweave Knits Summer 2o10.


Of course I was super excited when I first saw Drew on her blog, and then when she asked if I would be interested in test knitting the pattern, I jumped at the chance. It took over a month to complete the project, only because I got married in the process, moved into my husband’s place, and had other sample knitting projects with looming deadlines.












YARN: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted 4skeins

NEEDLES: US 7 Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Nickel-plated; US E (3.5mm) crochet hook



The neckline is pretty deep and sexy, it’ll be better if knitted a bit higher for office/everyday wear. I wore this on a 105 degrees day in LA with a cami underneath. I could totally see myself making another one in warmer yarns too.



FO: Summer Flies

Officially, summer ended about 2 weeks ago. But in So Cal, it just did. Last week, the temperature during the daytime was around 105+ degrees everyday. It’s never been this bad in Irvine.

It’s more normal today, around 83 degrees, BUT it DID rain for 5 minutes this morning…. accompanied with a loud thunder.

Fall just started here.

So, it’s seemingly appropriate to post about this shawl, which I made for my knitting/crochet friend, Sunnie. It was her birthday last Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), which ironically was on the “Beginning of Autumn.”

Pattern: Summer Flies (Ravelry Link) (my project page)

Yarn: Emu Superwash DK

This pattern calls for worsted weight yarn; but I decided to go with this DK weight yarn for 2 reasons: 1) I like LACY, loosely-knit fabric for shawl designs, and 2) superwash yarns stretch SOOO MUCH after getting fully wet and blocked.

And as I correctly anticipated, the yarn stretched and the shawl grew to a full size shawl after being wet blocked.

This project took 2 days to knit, and 1.5 days to block. I totally made the deadline, because the knitting group met up to celebrate Sunnie’s birthday on last Saturday. I’m so glad she liked it! She loves deep red, so the color looks really good on her. Isn’t it kind of odd that we knitters often find knitted presents more exciting than the yarns gifts?

Renegade Craft Fair–LA

This weekend was the second annual Renegade Craft Fair in LA. Renegade is a large-scale craft fair that happen year-round in big cities all over the US.

So of course, I went. With the Korean knitting ladies. I decided to take the train up to LA instead of driving, since the location of the Fair is near the Chinatown Station. I am so glad I did! The whole trip was a breeze, and was actually relaxing, which is NOT the case whenever I drive up to LA.

Anyways, the fair was incredibly inspiring. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase anything, but it was enough just to look around and see the amazing creativity.