Lost Garden Tee – Knitscene Spring 2013 issue

Last week, Interweave Knitscene put out the Spring preview on their website. All the patterns are available for instant download right now and the magazine is scheduled to hit the newsstand on Januaury 22.

My new pattern in this issue is Lost Garden tee.

Lost Garden Tee by Jean Chung — Interweave Knitscene Spring 2013


Lost Garden tee by Jean Chung –
Interweave Knitscene


When I submitted the pattern proposal to Knitscene, I titled it Secret Garden. I wanted to capture and convey the shy freshness of spring garden, kind of like something that I imagined in my head when I first read the novel The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The shaping of this tee is done entirely by fiddling with the gauge so the project is super easy, until you get to the Lace stitch pattern. In my proposal, I also called this the Garden stitch pattern.
The Lace pattern is not particularly difficult, but with the cotton yarn with very little elasticity, your hands might hurt a bit. Just remember to use nice pointy needles, and loosen up the grip on your hand that holds the yarn. Change into even bigger needle if that helps.

I’ll be posting about tips on knitting this pattern as I think of more to say.. Again, the pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry as well as Knitscene website and the magazine will be available on January 22, 2013!

Happy new year & a new design!

Happy new year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.. now that craziness is over, what better way to begin the new year than sharing a new design with you!

The new Spring 2013 issue of Interweave Knitscene preview is up now and in it, you’ll find my new design, Lost Garden tee.

Lost Garden Tee

Made with Knit Picks Comfy yarn, the change of gauge does the shaping for you so that even the very beginner knitter can make this sweater! Check it out when the magazine comes out on Jan 22. The Ravelry page is already up!



A couple of years ago, a friend and a member of our Korean knitting group went back to Seoul. Because she didn’t want to bring too much stuff back to Korea, she gave away most of her stash and her beautifully made clothing (she’s a fashion designer). And, she gave me this small ball of lace yarn saying that she salvaged it from her old project and didn’t know what to do with it.. She said, “I don’t know what you can do with it, but if you want it, take it!” and i said YAH!

I never say no to free yarn. Or free fabric. :P



I made this cute little bone thing for Candy.

And look how much she loves it!

DSC02106 DSC02111

:) It’s a perfect size for her small mouth. So cute.

This is why I never say no to free yarn. :)

So I spun my pink yarn

Few months ago, I got my first spinning wheel, Ashford Kiwi.


I bought it “unfinished” so when I got it, I stained it with dark wood color and then spray painted the wheel black. :)

And here’s a merino/silk blend roving I bought 3 years ago, thinking I’d try my hands at drop spindling. It failed horribly and I have some pigtail looking pink yarn in my stash somewhere. I used up about an oz of it and didn’t touch it since.


Finally, it’s spun, skeined, washed, and voila!



My first 100gram

I think I’m going to knit a shawlette with it. It’s still quite uneven, but I want to use it as single ply so something with simple garter or stockinette stitch body with lace edging…. :)

Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today is July 7, by the lunar calendar. The story goes like this. An emperor had a daughter, a 7th daughter who fell in love with a commoner, the emperor didn’t allow her to see the guy, they died and became stars on the opposite side of the sky. The godmother felt sorry for them, so she let them see each other once a year on July 7, by letting the milky way to be the bridge between the two stars.

When I was growing up in Korea, I heard this story many many times but thought that it was a Korean folk tale or something. But turns out, it’s a Chinese one, and that Chinese people still celebrate it as their Valentine’s Day.

So, Marty was supposed to pick me up today, which I thought was kind of out of the ordinary since he usually wants me to come over to his place first. Lazy butt. But I didn’t think too much of it, until I got to my door to see him and there he was, all dressed up, holding a bouquet of roses!!!

This picture came out a bit too bright so it looks like pink but, I’ve never seen roses in this shade! It’s definitely lavender colored. It’s not pink! It’s BEAUTIFUL. I mean I love all roses, but this one looks sooo special.

Then he told me about Chinese Valentine’s Day. How did I get SOOO lucky? Two Valentine’s Day in a year???

Then off we went, shopping. I had to get shoes for the wedding because the one I bought for the wedding back in June still feel too uncomfortable. I was going to go to DSW closer to my house but Marty suggested a different place. I’m so glad he did, because…..

I found these! On sale!

ABIGALE! From Betsey Johnson!

I saw these at the same DSW I went today back in June when I was shopping for the wedding shoes, and fell in love with them, but thought they were still pretty pricey for our low… (not so low anymore though…) budget wedding. I lingered around the shoes for days, until I just grabbed the ones I bought and almost ran out of the shop (after paying for them, of course!)

And, there they were. On sale today. I thought this was fate. =D I was meant to have them. HAHAHAHA. A girl doesn’t need an excuse to buy shoes. She’ll make one if she feels like it. They feel very comfortable, and it’s perfect hue of our wedding colors.

Not to mention that I have a great shopping buddy for a fiance. Especially for shoes, he always picks out great shoes and encourages me and other girls to buy them.

So, I didn’t feel too bad paying for them. It’s fate. =P And it’s for the wedding! =)

FO: Swallowtail Shawl

Oh wow, it’s finally a FO post. I haven’t completed any project in a while that I can post about! The thing about sample knitting is, you can take pictures of the finished product, but can’t post it anywhere until the pattern is released. So I haven’t been posting a lot of things..


In Malabrigo Lace Merino Wool 1 skein.

Color? Pink Frost.

This took about 5 days to finish, but really should’ve been 3~4 days. The main body lace part is a bit too addicting and I ended up going 2 more repeats than the pattern, so I ended up tinking back one stitch at a time because this knitter didn’t use a lifeline. Lifeline is a contrast yarn you would run through the stitches every few rows, so in case you must rip it out, you can take your needles out and just rip back to that row, and put the stitches back onto the needles. I know so well about them, but I didn’t use it. Why? Because I didn’t think I would mess up!

I am quite arrogant in thinking that I don’t make mistakes in knitting but it’s a bit true. My gauges are almost always right, the way I imagine the yarn + pattern combination is almost always correct. Lace? I never skip YOs or k2togs.

In life I’m also quite arrogant. I always think that I have a plan, and rarely mess up the plan. To really think back to the past, there’s only 1 time, things really didn’t go as I planned. All the other times, things pretty much went along with my plans. Lifelines? I never had backup plans, but only improvised when some things needed tweaking. No need for any “lifelines” to fall back on.

Isn’t that pretty arrogant of me or what? Or could it be that I rarely get startled by a change of plans or a little tweaking along the way. For this shawl, for instance, I never stopped to count the stitches, which is why I knitted more than I should’ve in the first place. For Citron, another popular lace-weight shawllette, I did NOT count any stitches for sure, because it didn’t matter whether you have the correct # of stitches for that shawlette! I knew a lot of people got frustrated with the pattern because there are just A LOT of stitches after a bunch of t1kbl’s. There’s no real pattern on this shawlette, so why stop and count them? Will 1 or 2 extra stitches matter all that much?

Plans are great because you have a general concept or theme, and then you just run with it. I still don’t think I’ll ever use a lifeline, unless I do some crazy lace shawl pattern–which I doubt because I’m just not that kind of knitter. Or a person. But I just know in the end, it’ll all work out, lifeline or not.