Joy Luck Club.. Fifty Shades…

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I’m commuting to LA everyday for work these days. It’s about an hour on the Metrolink train, and since my work lets me come in whenever I want, I choose to take the earliest train possible and work 8 hours, and leave work by 3pm. I get on the M601 train to LA and M602 back to Irvine so HOLLA if you see a young knitter on the train, usually working on a sock since I’ve found that working with a pair of metal Addi circular needles in size 8 can seem a bit threatening in a very crowded train…. Size 1 or 2 magic loop on a sock is a much less imposing project..

Camera 360

I love my job! There’s a guy (single, if you’re interested) who sits next me and 2 other married women, and according to him, our conversations sound like something straight out of Joy Luck Club. Isn’t that awesome? Perhaps we are all sharing too much…? :P

Anyhow! I’ve been working really hard since Day 1 of the new year, and am planning several designs. One big collection I’m working on right now is a collection based on Fifty Shades Trilogy.

They are badly written (even the names were pretty… bad) books, with lovable characters with so much potentials.. I love the characters in the books, and quite honestly, I was thinking about what they would be wearing the whole time, if the books were to be made into a movie.

I’m also planning some kidswear, some shawls… and of course more sweaters. I love knitting sweaters.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Pattern Preview: Lady Sybil Socks

Again, a new pattern release is a couple of days away, so I decided to do a sneak preview. Again, the project is influenced by Downton Abbey’s character, Lady Sybil. Obviously, the character doesn’t wear (or I don’t know if she does) socks like these but I thought that if Lady Sybil came to me as a client wanting a pair of knitted socks, I would give her these. I hereby present Lady Sybil socks.

It’s literally a sneak peak into the sock. This shot was actually few months old when I first knitted a sample. I didn’t like the yarn for this project, so I re-knitted another sample. :)

FO:: Rosebud Socks by Wendy Johnson


Pattern: Rosebud Socks by Wendy D. Johnson (Toe-Up Socks for Everybody)

Needles: US 0 Addi Circs.

Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll in “Twinkle Heather” –> I believe this one is discontinued.

Rav Project Page for this Project: Click here!


These were supposed to be my February socks. I finished the first sock within 2~3 days. And then worked up to half of the second sock the next day. Then I took up some sample knitting projects, this project got lost in the WIP bin.

Finally, I fished it out of the WIP bin few months ago, and finally finished the lace charts. It got really boring at one point! So sick of following charts now and need some good ol’ Stockinette knitting.









FO::January Socks


Really late posting this.

So for my knitting-related resolution of the new years was to make a pair of socks each month for myself. This of course excludes any sock knitting I do for samples and gifts.

These, Jaywalker, are my Socks of the Month–January.

Pattern: Jaywalker (Rav Link) – by Grumperina

Yarn: Sock-Ease by Lion Brand

Needles: US 1 Addi Turbo

It was a really easy pattern to memorize, but I got totally arrogant and knit on as I usually do with other socks. I didn’t decrease sts for the feet portion…. I thought about ripping back but just knit on. I’m kind of glad I made that mistake, because this pattern does not give any stretch. And after blocking, they totally fit my feet.

Yarn – not loving the yarn too much. It’s rough to work with, my left index finger where I hold my yarn felt pretty irritated whenever I knit for long. But it does seem very sturdy. I washed it once through the washer and it came out beautifully, but not as soft as I had hoped.

I’m working on my Feb & March socks right now. With all that traveling, I couldn’t cast on for my Feb socks until Feb 25th… :( But 1 sock already done for Feb! Just 1 more to go.