A new dress made for SF trip

Last month, my husband and I put the doggies in boarding, and took a weekend trip to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. We both grew up in the Bay Area (Cupertino!) so going back to norcal is always a treat for us.



I bought this fabric from Fabric.com about 2 years ago. I’m not sure, but I wanted to turn it into a dress ever since I bought the fabric. But procrastination got the best of me–I even finished tracing and adjusting the pattern in the previous week before actually sitting down to sew.





I love the brightness of yellow, and big bold print.





Vancouver recap


My husband and I traveled to Vancouver, BC for his birthday! We had so much fun, and doggies, especially Candy, had a marvelous time themselves at their boarding places.

<Day 1>
Headed for the John Wayne airport by 5am for our 7:30am flight. Got on the plane and then was held up at the gate for 2 hours due to a mechanical problem which turned out to be nothing. Missed our connecting flight by 3 minutes because the SFO gate agent closed the door earlier. Was on Standby for the next flight and luckily got on it.
Arrived in Vancouver. Vancouver Airport was probably the most beautiful airport I have ever seen. There were waterfalls, totem poles, and trees. Took the Canada Line Skytrain to Downtown Vancouver. We stayed at the Sutton Place Hotel on Burrard street but didn’t want to change station so we got off at the City Centre (note: Marty and I kept making fool out of ourselves saying “hey they spelled ____ wrong!”) and just walked over to the hotel via Robson.

The rest of the day was a smooth sailing. The very first thing we did was to get a hot dog at the Japadog stand, which was RIGHT in front of our hotel. Literally, same block. It was amazing. (NOTE: during this trip, I decided to try eating gluten again. I took Pepcid AC religiously to control any kind of stomach symptoms I might get. Other than some bloating issue and exhaustion, I didn’t feel sick! But yes, now I’m fully back on gluten free mode again).



We found some great restaurants on Robson, walked to the Pacific Centre shopping mall and looked around, took some pictures of the scenery, bought some snacks at London Drugs, then walked over to the west sideof the Robson for some Asian food.

We were originallly looking for Benkei Ramen but I guess it’s gone now because we couldn’t find it. Instead, we found Dinesty Chinese Restaurant, which from the outside reminded us of Din Tai Fung in Taiwan. We weren’t disappointed. Well, I was–because I realized how much fun I have been missing out, having to be on a gluten free diet! :D

DSC04871 DSC04876 DSC04877 DSC04879 DSC04880

We were pretty exhausted after dinner so we just walked back to the hotel and immediately fell asleep. I for one had an amazing night of sleep, I slept through the night, and woke up aroung 6:30am without the alarm.


<Day 2>
We woke up pretty early around 6:30, slowly got ready for a day of fun. We decided to stay at the West Side of the city, and check out Granville Island.

After we got coffee at Cafe Artiggiano, we got some chocolate cake and liquid chocolate at Thierry’s, then we walked on Burrard and Hornby towards the Island, took the Aquabus to the Grandville Island ($5.50 per person for a roundtrip).

DSC04886 DSC04888 DSC04889 DSC04893 DSC04895 DSC04908

We looked aroundn the Public Market, then slowly walked over to the Kitsilano Beach area which was a beautiful walk! We passed by the Marine Museum, and took so many photos there. It was a relaxing walk and seeing so many dogs around the beach neighborhood made us miss Candy & Bagel. But we knew they were being taken care of–Bagel is loved by everyone at the animal hospital and we know that Candy was having an awesome time at the Bone Adventure because we were watching her on the webcam every few hours. :D

DSC04917 DSC04940 DSC04945 DSC04958 DSC04967 DSC04973 DSC04978
We walked around the Kits Beach neighborhood, then walked back to the Island. We had lunch at Go Fish. I got 2 cods & chips, while Marty tried their Oyster Poboy. The ordering was pretty quick but the wait for the food was about 30~40 minutes. But it was worth the wait! Totally recommend that place if anyone is going to hang out near the Grandville Island.



The Island itself was fun too–we looked at so many cool arts and crafts, I even bought some silk rovings from the Silk Weaving Studio.


We came back to the hotel and got dinner at Sushi Mart and a Belgian waffle at Nero on Robson (Again, this area on Robson had so many good Asian food choices).

Marty fell asleep around 10, but I stayed up until 1AM to work on my lace shawl. Totally failed to finish it on the trip, but will be available soon! :D

<Day 3>:
We woke up again around 7 am. The plan was to check out Chinatown and Gastown, and Yaletown. We took the train to the Science Centre-Main Street station (The Skytrain doesn’t stop there anymore; you have to take Train2Main or something like that). I thought we were gonna walk on Main all the way to Chinatown from there, but Marty just wanted to take pictures of the Pacific Centre Station. So we walked around there for 5 minutes, then took the same train back to Waterfront.

We had our morning coffee at Revolver in Gastown, walked to Sun Yat-Sen Garden, looked around there, walked through Chinatown and randomly walked into the busiest Chinese food cafe called “Newtown” to get some buns, egg tart, and sesame ball. DELISH! I think the food here is better than in LA. Food in LA, even at really good restaurants, food tastes “cheap” compared to food in Vancouver. The LA food tastes like Costco food!!!

Then we walked back to Gastown, stopped at a restaurant called Tuc, and got some beautiful waffles with blueberries and cream cheese. Marty got a Lamb & Egg skillet which he said was great.

1619357_10103072479004277_2474718337834934610_n DSC05008 DSC05010 DSC05019 DSC05032 DSC05033 DSC05078 DSC05081 DSC05082 DSC05083 DSC05085

So this is how crazy Vancouver food is. When Marty has good food, he says “it’s not bad,” tilts his head to one side and nods a couple times. During our past 7 years together, Marty only had GREAT food maybe 10 times total. When he has really great food, he would first close his eyes then breathes in deeply as if he just had a heart attack. On this trip, he did that twice. Once at Dinesty, and then again at Tuc. At other places, he still said the food was really good. Never once he has said, “not bad” and nodded twice.DSC05087


We walked back to the Waterfront Station and decided to walk to Stanley Park. We overestimated our fitness level and underestimated the size of this “PARK” because everything else in Vancouver was so close. We barely made it to the Totem Pole, turned around for “The Girl in Wet Suit” or something, took the pedestrian trail back to the info center. FAIL.

DSC05104 DSC05112 DSC05118 DSC05119 DSC05122 DSC05133 DSC05136

But on the way back from Stanley Park back to the hotel was a great one. The weather was perfect and the cherry blossom trees were everywhere. This was exactly why we took the trip to Vancouver, and were worried about the bad weather but it was perfect all 2.5 days!

It has been a week since we got back and we’re still talking about how great the food was and how much we wanna visit again (a bit of honesty here, we actually looked into moving there!).

Knitting? What Knitting?


I haven’t had a chance to blog about knitting… because I haven’t been knitting.


How could that be? I’m a knitter. Is there a knitting who doesn’t knit?! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEE~~

It all started since I came back from Korea. I didn’t even knit on the plane ride back from Korea. I just got all tired, didn’t want to do anything, didn’t want to eat anything — > I think I was super depressed.

Since I got back to work, I think it has gotten a bit better, but nothing much has happened in terms of knitting. I am designing a sweater right now so maybe I’ll have more to talk about!

But I didn’t want to leave my blog so cold without no new updates.

So here are some photos to show you that I’m still alive and well:


Husband’s parents came to visit for a week, so we ate out every single night and had very awesome brunches both Saturday and Sunday. This one is at Larchmont Bungalow in LA.


After the brunch, we took our parents to the Farmer’s Market at The Grove.




Which isn’t really “farmer’s market” anymore, but still cute and has awesome snacks and food.




On Sunday, we took them to  Orange Hill Restaurant, which is like 10 minutes away from home but is up on the hill so you get a nice view of Orange County and LA. Not much to see, but it’s very cozy and fun (I mean unlimited champagne with your buffet breakfast?).

They left just this week, early on Monday and the doggies were sad. Even Candy, who just met my mother in law for the first time!

Maybe it just takes time. TIME. to recover from a long trip and such a fulfilling experience with family.


November already?

i took a trip in October and it’s already November!

On the last day of my stay in Seoul, I came down with a cold and was sick for almost a week while battling jetlag and time difference.

As many of you know through twitter, facebook, and instagram, I brought Candy with me on this trip. Candy has been my family dog, and we had her since 2007.. She’s a cute chihuahua and very playful. Kinda spoiled but not uncontrollable. The first week, Candy and Bagel bonded well and they even played together around the apartment last Wednesday.

Then that night, when Husband came home and I was cooking in the kitchen, Bagel suddenly attacked and bit Candy in the face. Candy got two puncture wounds in the head, and scraped nose and lips.

I got so scared and was totally not myself until the vet assured me that the wounds were not serious. But the vet also warned me that this could happen again, so I asked her for trainer referrals. She told me about this woman that she hired for her two dogs, a 80-pound lab and a 10-pound pitbull mix.. Bagel is 40-pound Basenji mix and Candy is 8 pounds, so I could relate to her..

The trainer is visiting today to see how Candy and Bagel interact with each other so that she has more concrete idea about how to work with us. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan always says that training is for the humans and dogs just get rehabilitated. I totally agree with it. Since the incident, I have been stricter with Bagel, just so that he understands that this home is mine, not his territory.

Bagel has always been very obedient and very very easy to train so he’s already showing improvement. Candy got a bit spoiled during the last few days while she was healing… but the bigger problem is that she’s afraid of Bagel now. Before, his size didn’t really matter to her, and she was playful around him. They napped together and ate together (Bagel never showed interest in her food). So hopefully, the trainer can help us help Candy to feel safer around Bagel. Because I really wanna see them play together again!

Candy & Bagel!

Jeju Island – Part II

Now that I’m back in the US, I had a chance to look over the photos from my trip. :)

Moving on with life..

Just finished watching the latest episode on Project Runway (“PR”) —– spoiler alert!



Seriously, I was pretty upset that Gunnar was sent home. Gunnar, Chris, and Sonjia are now my favorite designers on Season 10 and I seriously watch just to see their work. Yes, Gunnar has been on the bottom for the last few challenges but he’s so fun to watch! He talks, he engages, he gets frustrated over stuff but is never ruthlessly mean or hostile (ahem,, like Elena or Ven…)

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing his work in the future. I like seeing and supporting PR designers like Carol Hannah, and Althea.

Moving on…

My life is moving quite fast these days. A week ago, Marty and I signed the purchase agreement for our first home! Because this is a new home, actually hasn’t even been built yet, and sold directly by the Irvine Compay (the company that owns the majority of the city of Irvine), there were no offers, no praying that our offer will go through, etc. But because it’s a new community, the competition was a bit tough and we had to move very fast.


Hopefully, if everything goes well, we’ll be moving in April next year.

And I’m taking another trip in less than 3 weeks! Hello, Maui! then KOREA again!

Marty and I have a friend who is having a destination wedding in Maui. Neither of us has ever been to Hawaii so we are really excited.

What am I doing to prep for the trip?

Sewing and knitting like crazy! I figured that I wanted to pack as many handmade items as possible on this trip. I’m planning a lot of dresses, pants, and basic pieces. It’s interesting because while Hawaii will be still pretty warm and humid, Korea will be pretty chilly. I have to pack both bikinis and thick fall jacket.


Thank you, knitters.

So this weekend, I did something very very stupid.

My sister needs the car for church events on every Friday. So when my friends called me to hang out with them in LA this weekend, I decided to take that little trip on Amtrak.

Now, I have great memories about taking Amtrak. Itook many trips from Santa Barbara to LA with my best friend Karen, or to go see my ex boyfriend in Irvine. I met a cool dude who works as music PR agent who introduced me to a Loyola law graduate entertainment lawyer. Great great memories.

I got to the Santa Ana station as scheduled… And about 10 minutes before my scheduled departure time, a train came to the station. I was like, wth? so early? I got on. Passed the Orange station. But then, something felt different… Everything looked different inside and even though it’s been 3 years since I got on amtrak, I just felt like asking around. I turned to the person next to me, and this lady was.. KNITTING. Ok, a good sign.

“Excuse me, but do you know if this train goes to the LAX Union station?”

“Oh dear~~ No, this goes to the valley~”

I showed her my ticket and and she goes, “Oh~ You have to get on AMTRAK. This one is METROLINK”


Fighting really hard not to scream or cry, I smiled, said thank you, and got off at the next station, which was Anaheim Metrolink Station. Oh great, AMTRAK doesn’t even COME to this station. And this station looked a LOT like the one in Goleta. No ticket office, just one dude walking around to check schedules. He told me to take a bus to Fullerton Transit Center and then take the next train at 6:30 (it was 6:00 already), or the next one at 8 something.


After two long walks, a 10-minute wait, and a 15-minute bus ride, I got to the Fullerton station. The Good News was that, at least I could use the same ticket to get on the train…. The Bad News was that the next train to the Union Station is at 8:20pm. Arrival time at 8:55pm. Such a LONG wait for such a short trip!

I called all my friends and warned them, “you guys are NOT going to bed tonight. You’ll ALLLLL stay up and keep me entertained.”

I got to LA safely.. and talked, drank, ate, went karaokeing, until 5AM. My loyal friends.. =)

The best part of that trip was, when I was waiting for the train, I started knitting. The sun went down and bugs started noises in the bushes. The weather cooled down a lot. I was knitting and knitting. People came by to ask me what I was making. Ah, the zen of knitting. I calmed down and started enjoying this accidental trip to Fullerton. =)

It was a long trip but it was so worth it. I can’t remember the last time all of us from UCSB got together like that.

Yeah, it’s fun to go out and stuff with new people. But I miss those nights at a friend’s house with all your friends there, playing video games, or watching movies, eating popcorn, drinking beer, listening to random music, talk about new trends, politics, about other friends, new relationships…

The next day, my friend’s niece was born.  =)

P.S.: Swimmer Tae Hwan Park won the gold medal in 400m! Yay~