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Many things have happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, I’m sending prayers to those people who are affected by the explosions in Boston yesterday. I heard about the one at the marathon as I was leaving work, and although I am thousands of miles away from Boston, there was definitely heightened security at the metro and train stations on the way back home. 


Now bringing it back to knitting..

My new design, Beverly Tee, was published in the newest Knitscene Summer 2013 issue!


It features a plunging back and peplum waist hem, and would be perfect over a bikini top/bralette/bandeau this summer. The yarn is Berroco Weekend but I’m hearing Berroco discontinued this color. I’m thinking about knitting my own in “Reddy” for the sexy Hollywood glam. After all, the name I had in my mind for this project was “Marilyn.”


Order and see the rest of the issue here!





Photos of “Gentle Teresa”

Gentle Teresa was released in the Early Fall issue of Knitty about a month ago, and since then I received several requests from knitters that they wanted to see the sample without the belt.

(c) Gentle Teresa by Jean Chung

Sample was a Medium and was stylized with a belt to match the model’s boots. But of course! This can be worn without a belt. Here are some photos I took of myself wearing the same sample, without the belt.

(c) Jean Chung


(c) Jean Chung


(c) Jean Chung


(c) Jean Chung


The pattern is knit without any waist shaping for easy layering. These were taken in about 85 degrees room so I’m wearing a short sleeve tee and shorts. The tee is a medium weight knit, but I’ve worn this vest outside when I first knitted it with a long turtleneck knit tee and it fit very well.

As you can see, this vest is supposed to be worn with enough positive ease to create the oversize top look, but if you prefer more fitted look, refer to the “Finished Measurements” section of the pattern. In most cases, simply going down a size will help.


Pattern Release: Knitty First Fall “Gentle Teresa”

Gentle Teresa by Jean Chung / Model: Sophia Chung

Oh my… My pattern, Gentle Teresa, is now available on Knitty’s First Fall 2012 issue!

This vest was inspired by my mom’s old vest from a big chain store here in the US. She loved it so much that it was nearly falling apart after merely 3 years. So I took the sweater home with me and came up with this tunic vest pattern.

The type of fashion I pursue is greatly influenced by my mom. For my mom, it’s not always about colors or even style. It’s about creating flattering silhouette. My mom is a very petite woman and to elongate her silhouette and create an illusion of longer torso, her signature look is long, flowy, slightly oversized top paired with tight (jeans or leggings) bottoms, and high heels that match the bottom piece to further elongate the legs. This vest is shaped just the way my mom would love.

My style is much more eclectic and quirkier  than my mom’s, perhaps simply because of my age, but I still have these classic items that I wear over and over again. When I finished this sample for my mom in deep purple yarn, I had to write it out and make another one for me. :)

I do hope that a lot of people will enjoy this pattern!

Click here to get to the FREE pattern:

Busy week ahead

So unfortunately, the Dolores Park Vest pattern sale ended as of the 23rd.

I would love to know, if you are one of the customers who purchased the pattern, what you think about the pattern! How far are you into the project? What were your yarn choices? Colors?

I have more patterns coming up very soon, and I am so excited! I might self publish more things and keep trying to publish through magazines with bigger audience. I know, I know, Jean Chung Designs went live only in September of this year, and it’s been only a couple of months. I’m not going to rush, and take things slowly so that I can publish quality patterns… Quality over quantity, right?



Errata: Tweedy

I found an error in the Tweedy pattern published in Petite Purls:

When you begin the Front, the instructions for Row 1 should be fixed:

Row 1 (RS): With CC, work Row 1 of Tweed pattern across first 16 [18, 20, 22, 24] sts, with MC, k 26 [28, 28, 30, 30], with CC, work Row 1 of Tweed pattern across last 16 [18, 20, 22, 24] sts.

Essentially, the center panel should be KNIT across, not purl across, since this is the Right Side.


Pattern Release: Tweedy

Petite Purls Fall 2011 issue went live today. And in it was my pattern, “Tweedy.”

@ Jean Chung

When I saw the Petite Purls submission call, by accident, I wondered if I could do it. I have no children on my own, but have few friends who do and I’ve been really wanting to make something really cute for them.

With colorwork in trend this season, I wanted to create a garment that has some colors but very simple stitch pattern so that I can knit without looking at the pattern all the time.

I experimented with this Tweed stitch with solid yarns first, and liked the look… But something was missing. More colors? Texture? I wanted to see how it would look in variegated yarn.

While shopping for an appropriate yarn, I fell in love with Ultra Alpaca Tonal yarn I saw at my LYS, and instantly knew this yarn would be in my project. It adds the soft halo because of the alpaca content, and the light-to-dark tonal quality of this yarn adds subtle but interesting tweed look.

@ Jean Chung

Then I created a silhouette that looks really grown up. This meant waist shaping and choosing grown up colors. Instead of casual-looking ribbed hem, I opted for i-cord hem. Really, this garment was more or less inspired by the boring navy-colored school uniforms at clothing stores during the Back-to-School season.

@ Jean Chung

@ Jean Chung

If you know how to do i-cord cast on, you can certainly start with i-cord cast on, instead of the provisional cast on and then doing i-cord bind off. My i-cord cast on is a little bit sloppy looking so I chose to do the i-cord bind off.

And one word of caution, taking gauge swatch for both St st and the Tweed stitch is really important, especially the row gauge. The first version I made turned out really droopy in the middle and the tight at the color change.

@ Jean Chung


Knitting Knitting

One of the things I looked forward to doing after the bar was…. OF COURSE, KNITTING!

I’ve been busy doing a lot of knitting. I completed a lot of small projects like a shawl, and other accessories for gifts.

personal pattern

personal pattern

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Wheat, 1.5 balls

Pattern: Personal design.

Needles: US 10

Please ignore the background, haha, it’s embarrassing. But this was a quick knit. I was inspired to knit it after seeing a similar one at MaxMara for a price I’d never pay for a simple shawl. It didn’t even feel like exceptionally good material, either! So, HAH! There! I made one for under $8 and in 2 days.

Phone Cover

Phone Cover

Yarn: Sugar n Cream in Pink

Needle: Crochet Hook E

Pattern: Personal pattern (all sc, a long rectangle, sewn one side)

Button: On sale from The Red Bee in Tustin, CA

This one was a gift for my sister’s new phone. She moved to San Diego last week, and right before she moved, she got a new phone that slides to the side for QWERTY keys. So I made this one in one evening, and she was soooo happy! It was an easy crochet project for me, since I just learned how to crochet few weeks ago. I love how it turned out too, the button was so perfect for the look.

And lastly…

Free pattern; also in Last Minute Knitted Gift

Free pattern; also in Last Minute Knitted Gift

Yarn: Paton Soy Wool Stripe (SWS) in two different colors. Can’t remember hehehe

Needle: US 8

Pattern: A free gift, but also found in Last-Minute Knitted Gift by Joelle Hoverson

Originally, the pattern calls for Noro Kureyon but 1) I don’t want to have something that feels like a heavy-duty cleaning sponge  on my neck, 2) I don’t want to pay almost $20 for something that feels like a heavy-duty cleaning sponge. This SWS is also not the softest yarn for a scarf, but at least it’s tolerable, and I got this on sale at The Red Bee, a lovely crafts store in Tustin, CA so I spent around $10 for the scarf.

Ok, so now, on to the WIPs. I’m currently knitting:

1) my dad’s Christmas present “Daddy’s Vest”: Cascade 220 (Vashion Island Heather;9465) 4 balls, US 7, personal pattern

2) my sister’s netbook sleeve: Berroco Comfort, in RED (very hot and fiery red), 2 balls, US 2, personal pattern

3) practice fingerless mitts: Paton Classic Wool Merino in Leaf Green. This yarn is special to me, kind of. It’s one of the yarns Marty has ever gotten for me, as a surprise for me after school one day. And~ it’s discontinued. Paton now has Classic Wool, without merino in it.

Dad’s vest is all my design. It’s just a classic pullover pattern with a cable design in the middle. I especially looove the yarn. Although I got it from a LYS that I would not personally go back due to some negative experiences there, I love the color. I was originally thinking to get simply solid black yarn, either Cascade 220 or other comparable sturdy, workhorse yarn. But while I was this particular LYS, I found this color and it was PERFECT. It looks so natural and almost homespun.

Other than knitting, I’m just desperately searching for jobs, like everyone else who are waiting for the bar results. I’m going to be seriously broke. Sigh.