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Tour de Fleece Update: Day 16

Tour de Fleece Update: Day 16

Today 7/14 is Day 16 of Tour de Fleece! (And de France too but who cares).

I have this lovely 100% merino 100g skein to report. :)

Very soft, fluffy, such a lovely handspun. I’m so!!! excited about how it’s going to be used.


Tour de Fleece Week 1!

Tour de Fleece Week 1!

Tour de Fleece has begun!

This is my first year, really because last year I did join the Ravelry group for Tour de Fleece but was not able to go beyond the first day. I didn’t know how to spin, which was a big problem haha.

This year, I’m spinning beautiful merino top from Paradise Fibers. I only had 4oz of it in my stash but I just ordered 12 more oz of it.


I’m going to spin this and knit something for a friend. This friend is currently working on a crochet evening gown for me! I am super honored. I am so excited, you have no idea. :D


DSC03654 DSC03652


Rose Gold Jewelry on Gilt

Rose Gold Jewelry on Gilt

So pretty! I love the combination of pink and rose gold…


handknit pouf on today

handknit pouf on today

I wonder if these poufs get felted over time…..